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Signal Processing, Computer Networks and Advanced Communications Technology

The development of "signal processing", "computer networks" and "Advanced Communications Technology " in the fields of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing will continue to drive the growth of market demand, and at the same time, will bring technological innovation and industrial transformation. It will also bring about technological innovation and industrial change. In the future, the development of these fields will pay more attention to intelligence, high performance, high reliability, and security, which will provide a broad space for the development of related enterprises and research institutions. We hope the above content can meet your needs. 

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Topics of interest

We solicit original papers including but not limited to:

Computer Networks

Communication Signal processing
Computer Vision & Virtual Reality
Cryptography and Network Security
Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems 
Emerging Technologies 
Hardware Implementation for Signal Processing
Image and Multidimensional Signal Processing 
Internet Signal Processing


Digital Signal Processing 

Radar Signal Processing 

Signal Processing for Communications

Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks

Analog and Mixed Signal Processing

Array Signal Processing

Audio and Electroacoustics 

Audio/Speech Processing and Coding

Machine Learning for Signal Processing 

Multimedia Signal Processing 

Nonlinear Signal Processing 

Parallel and Distributed Processing

Signal Processing for Security

Signal Processing Theory and Methods 

Statistical Signal Processing 

Time-Frequency/Time-Scale Analysis


Wireless Communications

Satellite Communications

Mobile Communications

Communication Networks

Communication security


Communication Signal Processing

Satellite Internet of Things
Optical Communication

Quantum Communication
All-Optical Networks
Wireless Cellular Communication Positioning

Submission Guideline

Submit your full paper to along with your full name, affiliation, telephone, or alternate mailbox. We will reply to you in 5-7 working days.

  • The paper should be original, written in English, and not purely a review article. The full text should be submitted for review.

  • Paper format: Authors must prepare their papers using Microsoft Word, according to the guidelines and templates, and then convert these files to PDF. Submissions must be self-contained. Authors are required to submit their electronic papers in WORD and PDF format. 

  • Before submitting, plagiarism checks should be conducted through CrossCheck, Turnitin, or other query systems, with a plagiarism rate of no more than 30%. Papers suspected of plagiarism will not be published by the conference.

Submit your paper to the submission system.

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